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Pegalis & Erickson, LLC is a New York law firm for those suffering as a result of medical errors and personal injury. We obtain justice for our clients after hospitals, doctors, medical personnel, construction companies, or motor vehicle drivers commit avoidable errors that cause our clients life-altering harm. We have won some of the largest verdicts and settlements in New York State history for victims of negligence and substandard care. Our clients include:

  • · Mothers & children harmed around the time of birth who suffer from life-time disabilities or death.
  • · People with missed and late-diagnosed cancers.
  • · People that experienced life-altering medical negligence and surgical mistakes.
  • · Those, who as result of being misdiagnosed or treated in error in hospitals, emergency departments, and clinics, are caused severe harm.
  • · People for whom lab and medical test results were incorrectly read, or not communicated in a timely manner causing serious injury or death.
  • · Victims of life-altering injury due to construction-site and automobile accidents.


We're on New York's Nassau/Queens County borders and provide client transportation.
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