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Pegalis & Erickson is proud to have Steven Pegalis named 2016 NYC Lawyer of the Year, Medical MalPractice Plaintiffs' Attorneys and our firm named by Best Lawyers, U.S. News & World Report among the top 4% of law firms.

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 August 9, 2016

We hope you can make time for some lazy, crazy days of summer before they slip away.  
In the News

As you probably have seen in news headlines, avoidable medical errors now account for the third leading cause of death in the USA. We advocate every day for health care consumers to be proactive patients; each of us can do more to avoid experiencing medical mistakes! Despite today's advanced medical technologies, human errors still lead thousands of healthcare providers off the path of medical standards of care, which continues to damage lives.
While legal actions can never make up for someone's pain, suffering, and loss, people often need financial support to carry on living. Here we share our recent significant settlements for our clients suffering from avoidable medical errors. 

$2.74 million dollar settlement for a young woman who received an incorrectly performed endoscopy and suffered loss of her intestines and sustained abdominal damages

$1.3 million dollar settlement for a woman whose colon cancer went undiagnosed.

$1.1 million dollar settlement for a girl who sustained nerve injury at her birth causing her to suffer Erb's Palsy.

$500,000 settlement for a man whose stroke was not properly diagnosed and treated.

$450,000 settlement for a mom who experienced emotional distress after a stillbirth.

What are the factors involved in proving medical negilgence?

Misdiagnosis is a type of medical malpractice that occurs when a physician's negligence leads to an incorrect diagnosis or delayed diagnosis that causes harm to the patient. But misdiagnosis malpractice involves more than simply incorrectly diagnosing or delaying the diagnosis of a condition. To demonstrate malpractice, your attorney must prove medical negligence has occurred.There are three main factors in proving  misdiagnosis medical malpractice. Read more

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Be safe this summer when out and about, and when traveling. Here is our list of first aid items to keep handy: Medications list w/ dosages, instant cold compresses, dissolvable aspirin, see rest of list here 


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