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   November 2016

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Your Legal Rights After A Health Crisis 
When someone experiences a health crisis or medical injury, they may not consider the possibility of medical negligence. The problem is that if you suffer a life-altering health injury due to medical errors, there is a limited time to recover for the financial burdens, and physical pain and suffering you are experiencing. As months pass, the statute of limitations-- that is, the period of time one has to file a claim to prove that medical negligence occurred-may run out. Unfortunately, every week families are left in difficult, and/or permanently debilitating situations, without being able to seek justice and compensation. The time limits for filing a claim are decided by each state and vary greatly by incident. Read more.

A Closer Look at The T-Zone
You may not have heard of it, but the T-Zone plays a central role in your ability to fight infection. When you, or someone else, touches an area in your T-Zone, the bacteria on your hands is easily transferred and can trigger an infection. Read our blog article  
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In the News
Our founding partner, Steve Pegalis, Esq., was recently awarded the lifetime achievement award by the New York State Trial Lawyers Association! Read more here.

Our managing partner recently spoke with Healthzette Magazine about why we all don't hear more about deadly infections and Sepsis. Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard explained that sadly, people often accept when doctors or hospitals say "these things happen" when a loved one becomes infected, or dies due to Sepsis. The article states that "Sepsis" means little to most Americans, but is a condition we should know about, as our lives may depend on it. Please see the informative and alarming article here. And, for more info on preventable infections and the law, read 

We have been named by Best Lawyers© & "U.S. News & World Report" to the 2017 Best Law Firms List! Only 4 percent of all US law firms are named to the list, in recognition of excellence and professionalism, by peers and clients.


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