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 November 19, 2015

We wish you a warm Thanksgiving holiday next week. Today we share some important news and health information. 
In the News 
We bring your attention to a critical subject and the focus of a New York Times investigative series "Beware of the Fine Print."  Denying one's right to a day in court and a trial via forced arbitration, is an all-too frequent method that some stores, employers, hospitals, doctors, and nursing homes are using to deny people their civil justice rights. When something goes drastically wrong with care or services, patients and consumers may have already unknowingly signed "mandatory arbitration" clauses in paperwork or felt they had no choice. If you can't imagine being a victim of a catastrophic avoidable mistake in the U.S.A. and then not being able to have your day in court, you should know it has already happened to thousands of people. As the Times article noted, paid arbitrators mostly rule on disputes in favor of the business that hired them. This detrimental situation is the consequence of a recent U.S. Supreme Court reinterpretation and broadening of the 1925 Federal Arbitration Act.That law was not intended to take away a harmed party's right to a jury trial. To make your voice heard click here 

New Videos
Law and Justice
We have three new videos on YouTube!  Our Spanish-language video provides an overview of pursuing a medical malpractice suit. Our English-language video with Steve Erickson, Esq. focuses on children's milestones, and one with Robert Fallarino, Esq. focuses on breast cancer diagnosis.  Please view, comment, and share them.Thank you. P&E Videos

Getting Answers After a Stillbirth
One of the most devastating experiences a parent can have is the loss of a child. After suffering a pregnancy loss, parents often have more questions than answers, such as how such a tragedy could have occurred. Unfortunately, the cause of stillbirth isn't identifiable in many cases. When the cause may have been medical malpractice, parents may wish to consider talking to a lawyer. Read more.
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Infectious Illness and Medical Malpractice 
You may have already heard that medication errors, emergency room errors, and birth injuries are examples of medical malpractice. But did you know that a patient can also acquire an infectious disease because of medical malpractice? See our blog article.

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